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New Leadership To Shift The Narrative In Harlem

Harlem has been Sheba’s home town, since she was ten. Even when hard circumstances drove her family to live in a neighboring state, she visited Harlem on a regular basis and always considered it her home town.

Growing up in the eighties on the West Side, Sheba was a witness to the crack epidemic and how it affected her once safe and thriving community into a place where families were devastated by addiction and lives laid waste by incarceration. Still, she held firm the dream of helping her community, putting her knowledge and talents to work for others in her neighborhood. 

While attending Aquinas High School in the Bronx, Sheba volunteered after school at Morningside Day Care Center, where she realized that she enjoyed connecting with children and teaching them. And so, she began a life of public service.

As a mother of three and a grandmother of five, Sheba knows how difficult it can be to raise a family in the most expensive city in the five boroughs. Like many others in her community, she has often had to choose between feeding her children and paying the rent, and the fear of eviction when rent money must be used to pay an unforeseen medical bill or car repair.

For over 20 years, Sheba has taught racial equity in the Bronx. She has a license in Special Education, School Building Leader, and School District Leadership. She has also earned a myriad of certificates over the course of her career, including Restorative Justice and Conflict Resolution.

When asked about her best experience as an educator, her  answer is always the same: The relationships she has with students and families. Knowing that she has made a difference in her students’ lives is the wind that keeps her going.

As a result of seeing so many families lose their businesses due to extortion and month to month leases, Sheba founded The Central Harlem Merchant Coalition to Save Small Businesses and Jobs; an initiative focused on fair long-term leases and job opportunities for formerly incarcerated people.



Sheba Simpson

for her Integrity

Values You Believe In

You need a representative who supports your ideas, fights for the needs of your community and is willing to earn your respect. 



Understand the importance of experience

Seek integrity in public officials

Desire compassion and empathy


Harlem is Home

Rising Community​

"I can no longer sit by and watch as our community is under served in the education of our children.


Our seniors and long-time Harlem residents are being priced out of their homes because of gentrification." 

As City Councilwoman for District 9 - Harlem, I will mitigate processes when they do not ensure the best opportunities for ALL of Harlem's residents.  


This is my commitment to YOU. 

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Relationships, Safe & Caring

When Sheba is asked what has been her best experience as an educator for the past twenty years, her answer is always the same; The relationships she has had with her students and families.


The small differences in her students' lives, academically, or on a personal level is the wind that has kept her going.

The Past Is Connected To The Present

In the 80's, Sheba witnessed how the crack epidemic changed her community that was once safe and thriving to a place where lives were devastated by addiction and mass incarceration.  Through all the turmoil, Sheba held on to the idea that she would help her community one day and that day is now.

Sheba Simpson

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Sheba Simpson

for City Council 2021
District 9
Integrity- Experience - Compassion

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