The Central Harlem Merchants

Coalition To Save Small Businesses & Jobs

Stand with Sheba to restore democracy and the will of the people!

Sheba is the only candidate committed to making saving our businesses and jobs a priority!

The community must rally behind Sheba to demand rights and justice to save our businesses and jobs. 


What Sheba will fight for:


  • No more Rent Gouging

  • Demand 10-year leases

  • No more paying landlord’s property taxes


Join Sheba Simpson

The Central Harlem Merchants Coalition To Save Small Businesses & Jobs

Disability Justice 

Harlem has over 100,000 disabled residents and over 200,000 who receive EBT Food Stamps. 

Sheba wants to make NYC the most accommodating and professional city in the world for all our disabled residents. As well as to all the tourists who are disabled, who come to our city and be amazed by our progressiveness. 


Fighting for Disability Rights

The Disabled Community should be seen, heard and included whenever policy is being made that will affect their daily lives. 

What Sheba will do:


  • Update public transit system, so that every subway is fully accessible to people with disabilities.

  • Support programs that lead to long-term job opportunities. 

  • Put forth comprehensive legislation that requires equitable education for children who are disabled; including accessible buildings and accommodations as individually needed.

  • Increase the number of school buildings that can accommodate children with mobility issues. 

  • Provide incentives for landlords to upgrade current apartments to allow fully accessible apartments.

  • Update all public buildings to be fully accessible and create tax incentives for homeowners to update their residences to be fully accessible.

  • Reform Access-A-Ride to be more streamlined, user friendly with updated technology.

  • Expand programs that provide financial assistance to family members who care for a disabled or elderly family member.

  • Increase the amount of supportive housing available to people with disabilities.

  • Protect differently abled tenants from eviction with a crisis team to resolve the eviction process.

  • Support a modification to NYC ID cards to include information to help identify people with disabilities. 

  • Allow free entry/pay as you wish for all people with disabilities + one caregiver  to ALL City controlled cultural institutions.

  • Allow discounted entry, plus discounted memberships (at the lowest price point available) for all  patrons plus one caregiver to ALL private cultural institutions and businesses that currently offer such discounts to seniors, students and veterans. 


Oftentimes, due to financial hardship, parents/guardians can not afford the high cost of the entrance fees to cultural events, broadway shows and museums. 


Many single parent families who survive on EBT food stamps, have young children that are eager to learn and academically excel in school. 

EBT Recipients Policy

As a true supporter to the most vulnerable communities in the city, Sheba wants those who receive EBT food stamps to have opportunities to experience the rich cultural and art NYC has to offer.

What Sheba will do:

  • Families that possess an EBT card can gain FREE full access to all city cultural institutions and ALL private cultural institutions throughout the five boroughs; or pay a MAXIMUM admission fee of $3.

  • NOTE: The mayor of NY City controls all of the Cultural Institution Group (CIG), which has 34 Cultural institutions on CITY owned land funded with $300 million of tax payers dollars.

Animal Rights 


As a life long lover of animals, Sheba wants to ensure that there are strong laws to protect them.  

Animal Rights Policy 

Unlike humans, animals can’t tell us what they need to feel safe; it’s our job to be their voice.

What Sheba will do:

  • Banning the sale of dogs, cats, and rabbits in pet stores (A6298/S4234)

  • Shuttering slaughterhouses in our neighborhoods (A10399/S8291)

  • Banning the sale of animal fur (Int 1476 & A5040)

  • Ending the use of live animals as classroom science projects (A58)

  • Ending wildlife killing contests (A9775/S4253B)

  • Protecting aquatic animals

  • Protecting the Staten Island deer, Canada geese, rats and raccoons

  • Increasing funding for wildlife rehabilitation

  • Banning horse carriages

  • Banning rodeos (A8554/S7971)

  • Increasing funding for animal shelters

  • Ending the use of wild animals in circuses statewide (A3673/S7971)